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Watch Michelin Chefs Cook BBQ in Different Ways

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Watch Michelin Chefs Cook BBQ in Different Ways

Barbecue, or BBQ, the cooking and smoking of food over fire can be found in food cultures all over the world.

For Michelin-starred chefs, the chance to get outside for some BBQ cooking, without the requirement for precision plating and cooking times can be a welcome break.

Of course, the primal need to char is as popular now as its ever been, and there are tons of restaurants worldwide dedicated to the art of BBQ in its various forms, from what some would say is possibly the best BBQ restaurant in the world, Franklin in Austin, Texas, to the best yakitori spots in Japan.

Below are eight videos exploring all of the above, including tips from top Michelin-starred chefs for how to barbecue, and just some straight up meat meets fire porn.

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Basque barbecue

Michelin-starred eels

Yes to yakitori

Korean BBQ

Back to basics

The world's best BBQ?

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