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Mac and Cheese Candy Canes: Take it or Leave it?

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Mac and Cheese Candy Canes: Take it or Leave it?
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We are big fans of classic peppermint candy canes and even warmed up to the idea of Sriracha candy canes a few Christmases ago. Now, there is a new sweet treat aiming to get Santa's attention: mac and cheese candy canes.

While the combination of a savory cheesy pasta dish and candy sounds insane to some, the truth is mac and cheese candy canes have garnered quite a following on social media. 

Where Can I Find Mac and Cheese Candy Canes?


Ok who wants to try mac and cheese candy canes? @yikesitskyla? #Repost @junkfoodmom • • • • • Archie McPhee is at it again giving us crazy Candy Cane flavors. Last year I tried their Rotisserie Chicken flavor and .. it was an experience. 😖 ( It’s available this year too if you’re feeling brave ). This year they have 2 new varieties .. here’s one of them- Mac & Cheese flavored Candy Canes. 🧀 This one isn’t bad! Smells like cheese and tastes like Mac n cheese but the sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually so it’s doable. 👍🏻 I might not be so brave when I try the next one.. 🤐. PURCHASED ONLINE. @archiemcphee #archiemcphee #archiemcpheecandycanes #archiemcpheemacandcheesecandycanes #macandcheese #macandcheesecandycanes #accoutrements #extracheesy #cheese #cheesy #cheesycandy #junkfood

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Mac and cheese candy canes are being sold by Archie McPhee, which specializes in making "weird" candy and items like unicorn socks and styrofoam cat heads.

Each package contains six yellow striped candy canes crafted to taste just like instant mac and cheese. They sell for $5.95. Buy them here.

In case mac and cheese candy canes aren't calling your name, the company also sells candy canes in the following flavors: pickle, rotisserie chicken, clam and bacon.

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