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Turn Food into Fertiliser in 24 Hours

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Turn Food into Fertiliser in 24 Hours

Home composting is a great way to recycle your food waste, but it takes an age before you have something akin to usable fertiliser. A new gadget however, promises to turn your food into fertiliser, unbelievably, within 24 hours.

The Zera Food Recycler is fully automated and WiFi-controlled and works by dehydrating your food waste and applying heat to kick-start decomposition. Makers Whirlpool claim it can turn a week’s worth of food waste from an average US family (3.5kg) into fertiliser in 24 hours. The only sticking point currently is the price: $1119 per composting unit, unless you’re one of the first backers of the Indiegogo campaign, which launches in January, otherwise you can purchase it for £699.

It’s a start at least and could pave the way for exciting new home composting technologies. Find out how it works below and discover some startling figures around food waste here.

Via Food Republic

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