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Innovative Beehive Offers Honey on Tap

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Innovative Beehive Offers Honey on Tap
Photo Flow Hive

Traditionally, collecting honey has been a cumbersome job. A beekeeper must remove panels from the beehive, use a hot comb to remove the wax and honey and spin them in a centrifuge. Aside from being time consuming, this process is disturbing to bees. That could soon be history thanks to father-son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson.

The Andersons, who are avid beekeepers, have designed a new beehive called Flow Hive that allows honey to be on tap. By turning a few levers, the panels rotate and release the honey thanks to some help from gravity. The bees are hardly disturbed in the process and the collected honey flows through a pipe right out into a container of your choosing.

To get their product on the market the Andersons will launch a Kickstarter campaign on February 23rd. In this video they explain their concept and offer a first look at the Flow Hive in action. Check it out and for more information swing by their website or Facebook page.

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