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12 Best Cookbooks this Spring

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12 Best Cookbooks this Spring

If you've decided to give your cooking book collection a spring clean out this year, take stock and see what's hot off the press this season.

There's something for every taste, from applying some science to balancing flavour to what cutlery to enhance your dining pleasure, an exciting new cocktail book in the pipeline from Grant Achatz and team, and there's still time to get a headstart on perfecting your grilling and ice cream making skills before the warmer weather kicks in.

Here's what's hot in cooking books this spring:

Cooking Books for Spring 2017

For Food Scientists....

Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)
by Ole G. Mouritsen (Author), Klavs Styrbæk (Author), Mariela Johansen (Translator), February 2017

If you're keen to tackle the essential building blocks of what makes a really good dish let yourself be guided by the expert knowledge of Danish scientist Ole G.Mouritsen and chef and Danish food advocate Klavs Styrbæk. The two experts will gently enlighten you on how to "map" the "mechanics of mouthfeel" allowing you to ultimately re-create the "physical feelings of foods we love with other ingredients or learn to latch onto smarter food options."

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking
by Samin Nosrat Simon & Schuster, April 2017

Want to be not just a good cook, but a great one? Then this groundbreaking book from Samin Nosrat  will help you master “the four notes of the culinary scale” giving you a whole new perspective on how you structure and create a dish.

Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating
by Charles Spence (Author), March 2017

Food choice, food pleasure and dining out can get confusing ... here's Oxford University professor Charles Spence's fascinating new book to englighten us on how to navigate the maze of information. He reveals the popular science behind curiosities and just how our senses combine and even influence each other to affect our perception of what we eat, everyday. 

On Modern Vegetarian Cooking ...

On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen
Jeremy Fox and Noah Galuten; Foreword by David Chang Phaidon, April 2017

Californian chef Jeremy Fox presents his ingredient led food philosophy in over 150 recipes teaching some tricks of the trade and showing the amateur homecook just what great flavours and textures can come from seasonal produce and a few simple ingredients. A must for anyone looking to elevate their vegetable recipe repertoire.

In My Kitchen: A Collection of New and Favorite Vegetarian Recipes
by Deborah Madison,  March 28, 2017

Those looking for an inspired vegetable focused weeknight dinner inspiration will do well to tuck into Deborah Madison's new book on modern vegetarian recipes. 100 favorite and most inspired recipes are all pared down to the key ingredients with simplified preparations making this book an accessible kitchen companion from an authority on the topic. 

On Your Travels ...

Naples and the Amalfi Coast (The Silver Spoon)
by The Silver Spoon Kitchen April, 2017

Day dreaming about a trip to Italy and the iconic Amalfi coast and food hub of Naples? Bring those Southern Italian flavours to life in a rich gastronomic tour of  50 recipes from the lush hill tops to the dramatic coastline, with some mouthwatering classics from pizza to seafood - you'll think you are on holiday already.

Drinking Companions ...

Where Bartenders Drink
by Adrienne Stillman (Author), Feburary 2017

Serving up indispensable suggestions from those in the know, for globe trotting cocktail lovers -  this is the ultimate travel companion with 750 top watering holes listed across 60 countries in venues that have something for everyone ranging from "late-night establishments and legendary hotel bars to cosy neighbourhood 'locals' - and in some surprising locales." 

The Aviary Cocktail Book

Exciting news from Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, the creators and owners of Alinea in Chicago, that they have launched a kickstarter campaign to bring The Aviary Cocktail Book to press which promises to change the game in the world of cocktail publishing. Think big, glossy photos and top recipes. You can give to the campaign over at kickstarter. Find out more here.

Restaurant Cookbooks ...

Brae: Recipes and Stories from the Restaurant
by Dan Hunter (Author), April 2017now

From Dan Hunter, the award-winning pioneer of modern Australian cuisine, comes his debut restaurant cookbook  Brae.  Now one of Australia's most exciting dining destinations, renowned for its "fine dining approach to hyper-local cuisine," this is a fascinating closer look at the picturesque sense of place.

Chiltern Firehouse: The Cookbook
by Nuno Mendes (Author), Andre Balazs (Author), April 2017

Fans of Mendes's eponymous London restaurant and flavourful food get the chance to recreate the Portuguese chef's signature classics in his restaurant cookbook. From crab doughnuts with coral dusting to cauliflower florets with truffle puree, we're left in little doubt why he is dubbed the chef's chef.

Summer Cooking ...

Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream: The Art and Science of the Scoop 
by Dana Cree. Clarkson Potter, March 2017 

If your ambition is mastering homemade ice cream this summer, turn to the two times James Beard finalist and pastry chef Dana Cree and her debut cookbook. Revealing over 100 recipes for ice cream flavors, from the classics to more textures and crunch and chew, she also explains the science in laymans terms making the whole experience less daunting for the amatueur ice cream lover.

Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom
by Andy Husbands, Chris Hart, Mike Mills, Amy Mills, March 15

If you're ramping up for BBQ season it's time to fine tune your grilling skills and become a true pitmaster with this definitive guide aimed at both amateurs and seasoned professionals. Whether you want to get to grips using the basics ininstructional tutorials or develop your own signature barbeque cooking style, this is the one stop guide that covers it all.

Check out the more grilling books on offer this season.


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