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The 60-Second Salad Maker

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The 60-Second Salad Maker

A salad is a great quick, healthy and tasty meal, but now it’s even quicker to make with a new product that promises to cut your salad making time down to 60 seconds.

The 60 Second Salad Maker (what else would you call it?) allows you to easily wash, drain and chop the vegetable elements of your salad, using a kind of all in one closed colander with slots for your knife. It’s a very simple device; so simple in fact you wonder why no one’s thought of it before?

The target for the Kickstarter campaign has already been well and truly smashed – you can get your hands on one for $14, plus shipping, with delivery expected in May 2017.

Watch it in action below. Salad making will never be the same again.

Via Food Beast

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