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New Zero-Calorie Sweetener is Made from Food Waste

06 February, 2020

Fooditive’s sugar substitute is industrially manufactured by a fermentation process through the extraction of fructose from apples and pears. It is zero waste, using fruits from trusted companies that work with local Dutch farmers, taking the leftover, third grade, or ‘ugly’ produce that are rejected by supermarkets. The company also turns the resulting waste into soil, creating a circular economy with their entire production line. 

The natural sweetener has zero calories, a clean taste (unlike stevia for example), and functions similarly to sugar when cooked, making it also a viable product for bakers and chefs alike. 

The new sugar substitute product forms part of the company's portfolio of products created from waste, including a thickening agent made from banana skin, an emulsifier that uses potato extracts, and a natural preservative composed of carrot waste.


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