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The Secrets of Italian Food: Discover our Brand New Series

07 November, 2022
Chef Danilo Cortellini making fresh pasta.

Real Italian lasagna

Cortellini, a self-confessed pasta lover, shows us how to make a traditional Bolognese Italian lasagna, which hails from Emilia Romagna – crispy and golden on the outside and juicy in the middle. As the chef says, who doesn't love Italian lasagne?

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Foolproof spaghetti carbonara

Say goodbye to scrambled eggs and pasta, and hello to the perfect spaghetti carbonara every time, with Cortellini's secrets to this traditional Roman dish.

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Ossobuco with risotto Milanese

Master this traditional northern Italian dish and prepare to wow your guests, with this generous and authentic winter warmer of a dish.

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The best Italian tiramisu

Raise your tiramisu game, as Cortellini shows how to make one of the world's most classic, and simple, desserts from scratch.

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