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Ikoyi is Named 50 Best's One To Watch

15 September, 2021
Ike Jime Trout & Scotch Bonnet Ponzu

Photo © 50 Best

The American Express One To Watch Award seeks to recognise and celebrate the outstanding emerging culinary talent and fresh experiences. Previous winners include Lido 84, from Gardone Riviera, Italy, in 2019; SingleThread, California, USA, in 2018; Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain, in 2017; and Den, Tokyo, Japan, in 2016.

Chef Jeremy Chan says: “We are extremely humbled by the recognition on the global stage and proud of our small, hard-working team. We are also grateful to our producers, without whom this success would not be possible.” 

Ikoyi team

Photo © Maureen M. Evans.

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