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The Grape Divide: How Disfrutar's Alcohol-Removed Wines Still Pack a Punch  

27 August, 2021

Photo by: courtesy of Disfrutar

Back at Disfrutar, guests have approved the experience. "There are many people with intolerance, who are allergic to alcohol or who do not consume it for reasons of religion or well-being. What we want is to provide a wine experience as similar to the conventional one as possible, so that these people can enjoy the best the restaurant can offer,” says Castro.

There is still controversy over how much this process can change a wine — could it remove its very essence? Kill wine’s spirit, so to speak? The primary senses of nature and purity can be profoundly altered in an alcohol-free bottle.

Even so, the Disfrutar team argues that it is all about creating new products that can offer a more inclusive experience at the table. For Castro, we live in a society adapting more and more to the particularities and tastes of each person — and this also applies to the fine-dining scene. "If we can adapt an entire menu to serve a top-notch experience for a vegetarian guest without using any animal-based ingredient, why can't we do something similar for those who don't or can't drink alcohol?” 

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