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Bully Chefs' Restaurants Should be Stripped of Stars says Union

05 July, 2021
Kitchen culture


Chef Asma Khan, a campaigner for kitchen culture change and the owner of Indian restaurant Darjeeling Express in London, tweeted: "A question for@MichelinGuideUK- Do you have a code of conduct for a restaurant/chef you award a star to?"

Food critic Jay Rayner also tweeted, supporting the story run in The Times, with chefs exposing the toxic culture at Kitchin's restaurants. "This Times story (paywall, but 2 stories free if you register) has corroborated testimony by hugely brave individuals of the environment in @tomkitchin's restaurants. Respect to @palebackwriter for the reporting here and getting this out."

Kitchin's comments that "top kitchens the world over can be high-pressure, frenetic and challenging environments, where emotions often run high," where "the exacting standards of our food and service must be matched by the standards of behaviour in our kitchens and wider operations" have been met with scorn, shock and disbelief by Kahn. "Is this the apology??? Or did I miss it?," she posted, echoing the thoughts of a host of chefs and industry professionals.

It awaits to be seen if, and how, Michelin will respond to the demand.


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