italian cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine has always been known for its garlic, its olive oil, its tomatoes, its weakness for wine, and for that uncanny way it had of defying the rules: the more you eat the healthier you are. Well, the real lesson Italian cuisine taught the world is a simple one: it’s all about what you eat and the quality of the ingredients you use. Olive oil is not just oil. Tomatoes must be fresh. Garlic is good for the hearth and red wine is great as long as it’s good. This indicates how more and more people are coming to appreciate the unique versatility of Italian cuisine, as it promotes simple cooking, in the respect of each ingredient’s single flavor, appearance and texture. As a sign of further development, many are coming to understand how Italy doesn’t have only one Italian cuisine, but several regional gastronomic identities. The world has started to distinguish between Emilia Romagna’s freshly made egg tortellini and Puglia’s buckwheat spaghetti. And coming to love italian cuisine and food.

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