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Array of Italian Cheeses and Assorted Jams

Array of Italian Cheeses and Assorted Jams

Consider serving this array of cheeses and jams on a rustic cutting board, just like they do in Italy. It will bring Mediterranean flair to your gathering

21 March, 2012
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serves for


total time

0 HR 10 MIN


Parmesan cheese
100 g
Gorgonzola cheese
100 g
Pecorino cheese
100 g
Quince Jam
1 jar
Tropea Onion Chutney
1 jar
8 slices, toasted


Divide each cheese into four parts. Place on each plate in a systematic order, keeping in mind that the tasting will begin with the freshest and most delicate cheese and culminate with the sharpest (most aged) cheese.

For a whole tasting, prepare at least one goat’s milk cheese, one sheep’s milk cheese, a couple of cow milk cheeses and a herb cheese. Regardless of the cheese, try to cut each slice incorporating a bit of crust and a bit of the center.

Place the jams, chutney or honey in the center of the table. Serve along with toasted bread.

Wine pairing: Gavi

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