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Chef Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

Atun Embarrado y su Ensalada Umami (Dirty Tuna with Umami Salad)

Chef Andrea Ravasio won the Fine Dining Lovers Food For Thought Award for the Iberian & Mediterranean Countries Region.

19 October, 2020
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serves for


total time

0 HR 45 MIN


Creamy potatoes
500 g
Red mojo
Cumin seeds
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
sweet pepper
Cayenne pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup
White vinegar
1/4 cup
Umami salad
Cherry tomatoes
Mini courgette
Centres of onion
Zucchini flowers
Sourdough for the tempura
3 teaspoon
Red tuna
300 g

This is a typical and ancient recipe from the Canary Islands, so-called because the tuna is soaked in the red mojo sauce before it is cooked. The dish has been somewhat modernised, and includes some very important ingredients of Canarian gastronomy: Canarian patudo (local red tuna), and Andean potatoes.                 

Step 01

Creamy potatoes by Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

Fot creamy potatoes

Peel potatoes and put them in hot water to boil until they are completely cooked. We roast half an onion, cut in brunoise, put it in thermomix with the cooked potatoes, and add salt. Mix it to obtain a very creamy texture.

Step 02

broth with potatoes skin Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

With the skin of the potatoes and onion, we do a broth to improve the flavour of potato in the dish, putting a few drops of it on the creamy potatoes. 

Roast them in a pot, add 1l water and boil to reduce to a texture like a demi-glace.

Step 03

Courgette Flower tempura by Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

The umami salad

Boil the mini courgettes for 1 minute in salted water, then the hearts of onion for 20 seconds. Roast them and the cherry tomatoes in a hot pan and put aside.

Courgette flower tempura

Mix the sourdough with a little bit of water, soak the flowers in the tempura and fry in hot oil until they are crunchy.

Step 04

Tuna and red mojo by Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

Tuna and red mojo

For the mojo, put in the thermomix all the ingredients and mix. Now we can marinade the tuna in the mojo and then cook it in a hot pan on all 4 sides (circa 15 seconds for each side if you want to eat it rare).

Step 05

Tuna and red mojo from chef Andrea Ravasio

Courtesy of Chef Andrea Ravasio

The final dish. 

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