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Smoked Zucchini Flower served with its own Mustard

Smoked Zucchini Flower served with its own Mustard

A gourmet vegan dish prepared by chef Antonia Klugmann for 'The Vegetarian Chance' contest: a zucchini based recipe, served with its own mustard.

30 June, 2014
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Zucchini flowers
2, with their pistils removed
4 full blown flower
Wood sorrel
16 leaves
Piran, hand-harvested, to taste
2 teaspoons of home-made


For the mustard
Soak two types of mustard seeds in water for two days until they swell.

Whip up the mustard in a blender together with extra virgin olive oil, a small quantity of apple vinegar and one teaspoon of honey.

For the flower
Cook the hard part of the zucchini flowers in boiling water, taking care to keep the tender orange part out of the water.

Cold smoke the flowers and dress them with the mallow flowers, the wood sorrel leaves, salt, oil and mustard.

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