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A sip of flowers

Photo: Jose Luis Lopez De Zubiria

A Sip of Flowers by Mugaritz

A playful dish served in Andoni Aduriz's two Michelin starred Basque restaurant. The dish is one is a series highlighting water as a main ingredient, which also includes tongues, icy kisses, nipples, condoms, scrapes and pomegranates and unthinkable supports.

19 February, 2020
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serves for



Still water
Flower Water
Elderberry flowers
Still water
1 litre
Rubber holders
Flower water
Elderberry flowers

Step 01

To make the rubber holder:

In a pot, mix the konjac, kappa and water evenly. Heat to 80°C, stirring constantly until it becomes a clear gel.

Transfer it to a tall narrow container (as tall as the dildo). Allow the temperature of the gel to cool to 50°C and then dip the dildo in it.

Remove the dildo and verify that there is a fine transparent layer on its surface. Wait a few seconds until the fine gel layer sets. Remove it carefully, as if it were a condom. Set aside on a clean cloth.

Step 02

To make the flower water:

Cut the flowers carefully just under the flower head. Dip them quickly in water. Allow to dry on a dry cloth. Vacuum seal the water and the flowers in a bag. Steep for 12 hours in the refrigerator so that the water is fully infused with the taste of the elderberry flowers.

Step 03


Fill the rubber holders with the flower water and add a fresh elderberry flower. Carefully tie a knot in the open end of each rubber, as if it were a water balloon.


Note: hold the rubber over the faces of the diners. Invite them to catch it and break it open with their mouths.

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