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Watch Amazing Time Lapse Videos from Inside an Oven

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Watch Amazing Time Lapse Videos from Inside an Oven
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There’s something truly magical about watching a big ball of dough transform into delicious bread or pastry in the oven. But not in real time – we’ve all got lives to lead.

Thankfully, Japanese baker Takashi Aizu is on hand to capture the beautiful transformation of humble ingredients into tasty desserts and loaves, for you to enjoy in super fast time lapse.

Aizu films all of his creations whilst they’re cooking in the oven with a special camera and then posts the 10 to 15 second videos on his Instagram page. They’re hugely popular, with around 200,000 likes per video, while his page has over 40,000 followers. Take a look at selection of the videos below and head on over to his Instagram page for more – because, well, they’re kind of moreish.

Check out this equally mesmerising footage of corn popping in slow motion at 30,00 frames per second.

Via Insider Food

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シュークリームの皮焼成動画🍰 #焼成動画#RATIONAL_5senses

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スコーン焼成動画😋🍞 scone😋✨ #pain #bread #scone #焼成動画

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