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Dino Tomic Takes His Art with a Pinch of Salt

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Dino Tomic Takes His Art with a Pinch of Salt

While most of us are happy shaking salt absent–mindedly onto our chips, Artist Dino Tomic has got other ideas for the kitchen staple, turning it into salt art.

Using one of the most common kitchen ingredients around, Tomic conjures up meticulously executed pictures on an enormous scale using nothing more than the free running grains and a plastic squirty bottle, achieving tonality by varying the amount of salt he lays down.

Getting to work down on his hands and knees he soon turns a piece of empty floor space into a stunning work of art – he posts his masterpieces on Instagram, boasting everything from tigers to galloping horses as well as intricate mandalas.

A steady hand and a lot of patience are what it takes to perfect his ambitious and meticulous works of salt art. 

See him in action as well as some of his eye catching pieces below. 

Catch some more amazing salt art here.


A video posted by Dino Tomic (@dinotomic) on


A video posted by Dino Tomic (@dinotomic) on


Horse made with SALT Im continuing my salt experimentation - and it really seems that you can do anything with salt - with some practice ( and many many years with art experience/ knowledge in the background hehe ) Lately i have been doing these gigantic salt mandalas on public places - was good to work alone in peace and quiet on a smaller scale again =) Like always i have filmed the whole process and will edit the video soon =) I know im writing always so much on most of my posts and i know not everyone is reading it ( those are the people who normally ask a question - wile the detailed answer is already provided in the description ) so lets see how many of you are reading what i write! Just for fun , write in the comment section your favorite vegetable haha ( that should really confuse all the non description readers ) XD

A photo posted by Dino Tomic (@dinotomic) on

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