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'Ho-Ho-Honut' - The Christmas Dinner Donut

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'Ho-Ho-Honut' - The Christmas Dinner Donut

A bakery in the UK has created a savoury Christmas donut that manages to pack a Christmas dinner inside a sage infused dough.

It might look like a regular, albeit rather Christmasy, donut, but cut into this creation from Godfreys bakery in Essex and you’ll actually find a filling of sausage and onion gravy.

It’s sprinkled with turkey salt and roasted potato crumbs and, the cleverly named ‘Ho-Ho-Honut’, is finished with cured maple candied bacon and a cranberry drizzle glaze.

It looks great and promises the ‘best bits of Christmas dinner with all the trimmings’ - if you really want to try it you can pick up a Ho-Ho-Honut at Godfrey’s in Hornchurch.

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