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How Daily Meals Would Look Without Bees

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How Daily Meals Would Look Without Bees

We’ve been told many times how different our world would look if there were no bees around to pollinate crops, we’ve seen an image of what supermarkets would look like without bees and now, thanks to Fairmont, we can see what regular daily meals would look like if there were no bees around. 


Bee populations have been in steady decline for many years now, with numerous studies being done to try and understand how to combat the problem, and that’s why infographics like this can be so useful.

Images show the same meals side by side, on the left a meal with no bees and on the right a meal with bees.

Visiting the full infographic, users can see information on particular ingredients and exactly how they would drop if there were no bees on the planet, you might think it would be all fruit and vegetables, however, the chart explains how a significant portion of our milk, cheese, butter and ice cream would also be lost without bees.This is because bees are also valuable in the production of plants that animals graze on.


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