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The Organic Algae Powered House

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The Organic Algae Powered House

We've covered a lot of new energy technologies at FDL HQ with a keen interest on how the restaurants and kitchens of the future may be powered.

Many people it seems know about solar power and the many advances being made in the field but one of the lesser known renewable sources of energy is bio mass.

Take the BIQ house in Hamburg for example - it's covered in a number of panels that are filled with algae - as sun hits the panels the algae grows and the process of photosynthesis is harnessed to create bio mass that can eventually be converted into bio fuel. An organic battery of sorts.

The glass cells also act to cool the house in summer by providing shades and help to keep heat within the building in colder months.

The house was shown at The International Building Exhibition in Hamburg. The idea is to show the reactive process that's taking place inside the panels as the algae grows and changes color.

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