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How to make Vegan Sauces: Tips from a Michelin Starred Chef

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How to make Vegan Sauces: Tips from a Michelin Starred Chef
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Without using eggs or dairy milk preparing a vegan version of the most used sauces in the kitchen could be the best solution to satisfy all tastes.

The important thing being to give the alternative recipes the right flavor and structure, capable of recalling the consistency of the classic version.

With the guidance of Sauro Ricci, educational director of the Joia Academy and executive chef of the Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant Joia in Milan, we explain below how to re-create the most common sauces, in a vegan key: mayonnaise, bearnaise and tuna sauce.

How to prepare vegan mayonnaise

Vegan mayonnaise, made without eggs, can be prepared very simply using almond milk (or soy milk) and lemon juice: they are emulsified, then salt and oil are added.

"It is important to add the lemon immediately, which is fundamental and functional to the emulsion itself, because without acidity it's not possible to obtain mayonnaise: both almond milk and soy milk are very proteic, and the protein is the element that allows us to maintain structure in mayonnaise ", explains Ricci. "If you use rice milk instead, you need to add other components that give the structure, otherwise it does not mount".

What proportions should you use of each ingredient? Calculate 100 grams of almond milk, 20 grams of lemon juice, 4 grams of salt and about 170 grams of oil. The more we increase the amount of oil the more the mayonnaise is compacted. Be careful not to exceed the degree of tolerance of mayonnaise, which otherwise risks "splitting".

How to Make vegean Sauce Bearnaise

"In the classic version, it is an emulsion of egg yolk and clarified butter, to which tarragon and reduced vinegar with shallot are added: it's a very oily sauce, rich in taste and flavor, with an acidity that balances its fatness ", explains Ricci.

Making the sauce vegan, we can reread the Bearnaise sauce by creating a very concentrated carrot cream, by cooking by absorption with very little salt, over a low heat, which exploits the osmosis of the salt and concentrates the taste of the carrot.

The carrot is boiled, then blended and emulsified with extra virgin olive oil, which gives it a foamy consistency. Then, you can add about 3 fifths of carrot cream and 2 fifths of almond mayonnaise: this union creates a sauce that reproduces the consistency of classic Bearnaise sauce.

How to make vegan tuna sauce or salsa tonnato 

Tuna or "tonnata sauce" is a typical recipe from Piedmont, used in particular for the preparation of vitello tonnato.

In a vegan key, it can be made very simply, with a cauliflower cream base cooked in water and recalled with smoked tofu (which replaces tuna), capers, mustard grains à l'ancienne, a little salt and pepper, emulsifying everything in the blender.  

Want to learn about how to make the traditionlal mother sauces? Discover five of the most important sauce recipes here.

Here, instead, you will find two other useful vegan sauces: Vegan bechamel and vegan hollandaise sauce.

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