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5 Sweet and Savoury Souffle Recipes

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5 Sweet and Savoury Souffle Recipes

Nailing the French classic eggy airy souffle is the dream of every home cook and that final feather in a culinary cap.

If you've never yet managed to produce the perfect souffle it's time to conquer your fears and rise to the challenge.

If you have a sweet tooth try orange, chocolate or even kirsch for a more adult spin. If savoury is your thing choose from the classic souffle recipes for cheese or potato and herbs.

Here they are, and remember not to get deflated if your first attempt isn't a winner!

Orange Souffle

Like citrus? Try this mouthwatering orange souffle for a fruity finish.


Chocolate lover's will love this interesting looking dessert with submerged pears. 

Kirsch Souffle

If you're a fan of cherry brandy try baking it into your souffle in this kirsch infused dessert.

Cheese Souffles with Spinach

Try putting a twist on the classsic cheese souffle with a touch of spinach.

Potato and Herb Recipes

Pecorino cheese, potatoes and a trio of herbs will add flavour to these delicious savoury souffles.

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