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How to Cook Sweetbreads: 3 Chef Recipes

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How to Cook Sweetbreads: 3 Chef Recipes
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If you're an offal fan you've probably already discovered how to cook sweetbreads and unlock their deliciousness - from their crunchy pan-fried exterior down to their mouth-watering juicy interior. But have you tried cooking them with the likes of seafood?

If you haven't yet explored the full potential of this most delicate meat from the offal family, you've been missing out on a soft and creamy textured versatile secret that chefs have long since been onto, pairing them with squid, prawns and more.

We discover more about how to cook sweetbreads from the experts, and uncover more ways with these delicious morsels.

What are sweetbreads?

Firstly, for the uninitiated, the rather misleading name actually refers to the organ meat from the thymus gland and pancreas in veal or lamb, most commonly, but also in beef and pork. They are often referred to as the "heart sweetbread" and "throat sweetbread," respectively.

How to Cook Sweetbreads

Aside from pan frying, grilling and barbecuing, sweetbreads are more than at home enjoying the heady heights of haute cuisine, and even saw the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Italy winner, Eduardo Fumagalli, bag his recent win with his signature dish of sweetbreads paired with prawn and algae.

Here are three more tempting chef recipes that highlight the versatility of delicate sweetbreads proving that this offal has a deserving place in fine dining.

If you like these ideas, explore more in Michelin chefs cook offal.

3 Chef Inspired Sweetbread Recipes

Veal Sweetbreads with Onions

A chef inspired recipe that champions sweetbreads in this simple yet elegant dish. Find the recipe here.

Calamarata pasta with sweetbreads and squid

Seafood and sweetbreads are set with pasta in this inspired dish from Ana Ros, crowned The Best Female Chef 2017. Here's how.


Mushroom risotto with Sweetbreads

Sauteed sweetbreads are the finishing touch to this dramatic chef inspired mushroom risotto. Find the recipe here.

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