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How Do You Make A Veggie Burger? Here are 14 Great Recipes

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How Do You Make A Veggie Burger? Here are 14 Great Recipes

Veggie burgers have come a long way. They are no longer flavorless patties with the texture of hockey pucks. Far from it! Our creative recipes will teach you how to make delectable veggie burgers from wholesome ingredients such as chickpeas, millet, ricotta, mushrooms, tofu, and much more.

Another reason to eat these vegetarian burgers? You'll love the creative toppings like creamy avocado dressing, fresh herbs, and sautéed beets with feta. There are plenty of crunchy veggie toppings to choose from that will have you coming back for more. 

There is zero guilt involved with these hearty veggie burgers. It's time to learn how to make them! 

Fun Veggie Burgers

Onion and Cheese Vegetarian Burgers

These colorful vegetarian burgers are made from a mixture of onion, cheddar cheese and potatoes. They can be topped with a creamy feta avocado dressing or sautéed beetroots. Yum!

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

Grilling brings out the natural meaty flavor of portobello mushrooms which makes them the perfect vehicle for a burger. This veggie burger recipe pairs portobellos with a creamy sauce and fresh mango strips.

Veggie Burger Recipes with Millet

Vegan Chickpea and Millet Burger

A hearty vegan burger made with millet, sweet potato, chickpeas and oats are the base of this hearty vegan burger flavored with garlic, paprika, lemon and chili peppers.

Gluten-Free Millet Burgers with Herbs

There's no need to serve these tasty vegan millet burgers on a bun. The flavorful patties are seasoned with cumin, coriander, turmeric and garlic.

Seafood-Based Veggie Burgers 

Salmon and Quinoa Burgers

A salmon and quinoa burger perfect for vegetarians who include seafood in their diet. They are topped with an avocado-lime cream and served with a generous serving of arugula.

Mini Sushi Burgers with Smoked Salmon

Or you can try this creative recipe for mini rice sushi burgers with smoked salmon. They are perfect for entertaining!

Tofu-Based Veggie Burgers

Tofu Vegan Burgers

Thinly sliced tofu is marinated in soy sauce, tabasco and ketchup for an hour then pan fried until golden. Blanched veggies and a peanut sauce are the finishing touches of this glorious veggie burger.

Tofu Burger with Hummus

This tofu burger recipe yields 8 portions. The tofu patties are seasoned with parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, soy sauce and herbs. The hummus adds extra oomph.

Tofu Burger with Sweetcorn

In this veggie burger recipe you'll puree the tofu, sweetcorn, garlic, chilies and onion in a food processor. The mixture is then seasoned and shaped into patties you can pan fry or grill.

Creative Veggie Burger Recipes

Pea and Spelt Veggie Burgers

These hearty vegan burgers are made from spelt, an ancient grain popular in Europe. Enjoy them with a side of fries sprinkled with paprika, curry powder, thyme and cumin. 

Ricotta Veggie Burger

Give a Mediterranean feel to your cookout with these ricotta-based burgers. Diced zucchini, corn and chopped red bell pepper add flavor and texture to the veggie burgers. 

Veggie Burgers with Nut Crust

This veggie burger recipe is a spin on classic potato pancakes but these are mixed with other veggies then rolled in crushed almonds, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts. A slice of baguette offers a nice alternative to traditional buns.

Chickpea Burger

Here's a mouthwatering veggie burger recipe made with onions, red pepper, chickpeas and spices.  Serve it on grilled buns and a bed of spicy arugula and a touch of sriracha if you like things spicy.

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