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11 Indispensable Guides For Coffee Lovers

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11 Indispensable Guides For Coffee Lovers

Calling all coffee lovers! If your day is dictated by when and where you're going to get your next best hit of caffeine have we got news for you.

We've collated 11 infographics in a comprehensive coffee guide that will have you navigating your bean to brew like a pro and ordering the ultimate cup of java whether at home or away.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

1. The Influence of Coffee Around the World

Making coffee is an integral morning ritual in many individual's daily lives. But the influence of coffee spreads around the world. From the sourcing, exporting, importing and drinking, it's very much a growing global business. Check out the influence of coffee in the interesting infographic below and learn some surprising facts, like it's not Italians but actually the Dutch that drink the most cups per head.


2. Complete History of Coffee Making Around the World

Coffee makes the world go round.. find out in this complete history of coffee where it all began and how we arrived at a world where 54% of coffee drinkers say that a morning cup of joe makes them feel more like themselves.

3. How to Order Coffee in Different Countries

Whether you're travelling or on holiday there's no need to kick your caffeine habit. In fact it's a great opportunity to try out some blends and techniques you might not find at home. Here's a guide to how to ask for coffee the commonly found coffees you're likely to come across.


4. 21 of the Best Coffees in Europe

Heading for a weekend break in some of Europe's most romantic cities? Then take your pick of the best coffee on offer in Paris, Barcelona or Rome in these handy guides, which will also give you tips on what to order and how to ask for it so you don't look like a tourist.

5. 31 Coffees Around the World

Check out this indispensable guide to coffee around the world and navigate your way around the world by trying out different coffees in different countries, from an American red eye to a Senegalese Touba topped off with black pepper.

6. The Perfect Coffee

Let's face it, ordering a coffee can get pretty confusing. Here's a neat infographic that puts a simple 'face' to a name with a brief description of different coffees, a great reference guide for when you're faced with a 'coffee menu' that you can't make sense of.

7. 15 Italian Coffee Styles Explained

Italians are famous for their precision when it comes to ordering their chosen cup of joe. This indespensable guide will help you navigate the Italian bar when on holiday and call out your order like a local. Remember if all else fails, a 'cafe' is the benchmark, a single shot of espresso.

8. More than Expresso: 23 Styles of Coffee Explained

Just when we thought things were getting simple and an espresso was a shot of coffee, here we are to complicate things a little. Espresso can 'express' itself in many ways. Here's a guide to 23 of the most common ways espresso expresses itself.

10. How Coffee is Made: The Journey of the Bean

The journey of the coffee bean from the filed to the final brew is a long and complicated one. And that's beforw we even get to choosing our preferred brewing method. Take a look at the guide below that helps clarify some of that complexity by taking us on the bean's journey.


10. 38 Different Ways to Make Coffee

"How do you take it?" could turn out to be pretty complicated question judging by the 38 responses you could get. There’s the obvious classics such as a Mocha, Cappuccino and Espresso and then some more exotic sounding creations such as The Bonbon, The Lazy Eye and The Borgia. The infographic breaks each drink down by the ingredients that go into making them, perfect if you want to experiment with your next coffee hit.

11. What kind of coffee person are you?

Match you coffee blend and brewing technique to your personality with this final infographic. Old skool? then go for a moka, go getter? go for a single serve pod. There are also useful tips on the type grind and depth of roast that will help you match your flavour preferences.

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