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7 Global Ingredients For Your Next Meal

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7 Global Ingredients For Your Next Meal

Cassava, turmeric, daikon, lemongrass and seaweed. Perhaps you've seen them at the supermarket and wondered, 'how on earth do I cook this?'

Well, if you are an ever curious cook you'll appreciate the following tips designed to give you the confidence to experiment with these and other global flavours in your kitchen. Take a look:

Lemongrass – Deliciously Aromatic

Have you ever cooked with lemongrass? Traditionally used in Southeast Asia, lemongrass is heavenly paired with coconut and adds oomph to sauces, curries, desserts and beverages.

Learn all about cooking with lemongrass.

Parsnips – How to Cook This Tasty Root

pastinaca ricette

Parsnips look like large white carrots but their flavor is more delicate. They should alway be peeled before cooking and are very versatile in the kitchen.

Here is everything you need to know about cooking parsnips

Fresh Turmeric – Spice Things Up

Curcuma fresca

You've probably stumbled upon powdered turmeric in the spice aisle. But have you spotted fresh turmeric?  If so, be sure to bring some home with you.

Discover tips and tricks for using fresh turmeric

Daikon Radish - Unexpected Flavour

cucinare daikon

From salads and soups to kimchi and beyond, daikon radish adds crunch and loads of flavour to dishes.

Click here to learn all about cooking with daikon.

Goji Berries – More Than a Superfood

bacche di goji

In terms of superfoods, goji berries are a must-have in the kitchen. Nutritious, colourful and tasty, these berries add zing to anything and everything.

Read all about how to use goji berries in the kitchen

Cassava – How To Cook It


Manioca, cassava, yuca – this tropical root is known by many names. It is easy to cook and tastes phenomenal.

Check out our beginner's guide to yuca.

Seaweed – A Nutritional Powerhouse

alghe ricette

If you love Asian food then you may already be familiar with seaweed in a restaurant setting. But do you know how to cook it at home?

Discover different varieties of seaweed.

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