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Lunchie: Another Great Leftover Restaurant Food App

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Lunchie: Another Great Leftover Restaurant Food App

One of the best ideas we’ve heard for tackling food waste recently is a leftover restaurant food app called Too Good to Go, which has been hitting the headlines everywhere seemingly. Essentially, the idea is that you turn up at the end of a service and help yourself to whatever a restaurant has left.

A slightly newer app, Lunchie, differs slightly from Too Good to Go in that, firstly, it’s just for lunch, and secondly, you can choose your meal, rather than filling up a box with leftovers. Both are Nordic in origin – the former is from Finland, the latter Denmark – and Lunchie, at the moment, is limited to Finland, though like Too Good to Go it has soon to be realised global ambitions.

So, is there room for two such similar food apps? When it comes to reducing food waste, helping restaurants and enabling people to buy restaurant standard food for cheap prices, then absolutely, yes. Will it put people off coming to restaurants when they know they can hold on and get cheaper food? No, we don’t think so – the food's limited, plus pick–up times are outside of conventional meal times.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Now, what’s for Lunchie?

All images: Lunchie/Facebook

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