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Infographic: A chart of 200 Kitchen Tools

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Infographic: A chart of 200 Kitchen Tools

Kitting out your kitchen and not sure where to start?

This wonderful chart from popchartlab is a great starting point offering up a visual guide into the weird and wonderful world of kitchen gadgets and cooking tools. 

Documenting over "200 culinary tools, machines, and manipulators—from mandolines to microwaves and ramekins to ravioli pins" you'll probably come away with more possibilities than you knew existed.

Take your pick of where to get started, whether you're piercing, pressing, slicing, straining, sifting, separating or basting, chances are there's more than one bit of kit for the job. All you have to do is choose your favourite or the bit of kit that fits your budget and then wonder how you ever survived without it.

You can pick up a poster from popchartlab for $35.

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