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Colossal Ice Cube Moulds

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Colossal Ice Cube Moulds

Chances are you’ve felt like cooling off with a refreshing drink this summer, and one essential has been the addition of ice cubes. But how much thought did you really put into the quality and quantity of ice as one of your key drink ingredients?

According to the Huffington Post, we should pay as much attention to our choice of ice, as to our liquid ingredients; ice can ‘make or break a drink’, they tell us. Infact if a cocktail can be balanced or destroyed by too much ice dilution it's pretty important stuff. So how much ice to use, and what ice to use?

There is some scientific theory behind it, and it's all to do with volume/surface area ratio. We'll leave the science to the experts, but apparently the bigger the ice cube the better the results, the theory being that bigger ice cubes melt more slowly.

If giant cubes are the next best thing, we have to admit, they’re pretty cool. 

Check out these giant ice cube moulds which form a 2.25” cube of ice. The price tag for two colossal ice cube moulds is $12.99, available through They claim they're their newest and biggest yet. They'll impress your friends anyway.

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