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Calorie Counting by Text Message

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Calorie Counting by Text Message
Photo Meng He/Flickr

Whatever your views on calorie counting, especially when eating out, some people need and/or like to do it some or even all of the time. Of course it can be difficult to know exactly how many food calories you are consuming when you aren’t the one making the food.

Text It

A US start-up has developed calorie–counting technology that could make this a lot easier. AVA is a text messaged–based calorie monitor, rather than an app (remember Google’s Im2calories?) – users take a picture of the food and then text it to AVA, where dieticians and nutritionists estimate the total food calories using artificial intelligence and image–recognition software, while also providing tailored dietry advice.

Beta Brunch

AVA is currently still in beta-mode (being tested, de-bugged, etc.), but according toDigital Trends the Silicon Valley start-up is backed by $3 million of venture capital. The exact nature of the technology involved is being closely guarded, but you may soon be seeing people photographing food in restaurants for different reasons. Restaurants opposed to adding calorie counts to menus may also approve.

AVA is available on a free trial while in beta, but paid programs will be offered going forward, they tell us.

What does 2000 calories a day actually look like?

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