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Here Is The Automatic Nut Milk Maker You've Been Looking For

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Here Is The Automatic Nut Milk Maker You've Been Looking For
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If you make nut milks on the regular then you may want to consider automating the process. By relying on a machine you won’t have to grind the nuts in a blender then transfer them to a bag for straining over a jar.

You can have fresh almond milk in as little as 30 seconds with by using a kitchen appliance like the Soyabella automatic nut milk maker. This particular model is sold on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website goop, and is marketed as being “incredibly simple to use” and producing the "smoothest, creamist milk ever." 

As with all automatic nut milk makers, there’s no blending or straining necessary. Just load the machine with your desired nuts (it also takes coconut, oats, rice and other grains), press a button and let it do all the work. Clean up is a breeze and you can use the ground nuts for smoothies, muffins or throw them in compost.

The Soyabella automatic nut milk maker also heats up to make soy milk and can even be used to make baby food. Automatic nut milk makers aren’t cheap - this one runs for $110 - but it may be a wise investment for nut milk lovers.

Do you love making nut milk? Would you buy this machine? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook!

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