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Zagreus Projekt, Berlin: Fusing Food with Art

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Zagreus Projekt, Berlin: Fusing Food with Art
Photo Courtesy of Zagreus Projekt

Step into the world of the Zagreus Projekt and you would be forgiven for thinking you'd entered an exhibition space rather than a restaurant, and you wouldn't be far wrong.

Brainchild of Ulrich Krauss, the Zagreus Projekt is a gallery space come dining room located in the hip German capital of Berlin that blurs the boundary between food and art.

In fact food takes centre stage in rotating exhibitions hosted by visiting artists where visitors are able to partake in a specially designed menu that fits with the concept of the current art exhibition or installation.

From 'experimental themes and modern influenced food installations to the more traditional', the food is taken equally seriously, very much remaining at the heart of the exhibition. “With every exhibition we do here, we have a different point of view on food or on the situation of eating, and that is the most important thing,” Krauss explains to Artsy.

Rather than simply being spectators or diners, guests are invited to become 'actors' and a part of the art installation from the moment they arrive and dine together, seated at a communal table, to the moment they leave.

Pictured below is Finnish artist Nina Backman's "The Silence Meal" a performative dining experience previously held at Zagreus Projekt .

“Food and art were the two elements in my life that were always there,” chef, gallery owner and curator Ulrich Krauss  goes on to tell Artsy upon reflection of how he came to fusing his two passions of cooking and art together. Although he does admit to his love of cooking winning out “I don’t see myself as an artist anymore,” says Krauss. “I see myself as a chef.”

New exhibitions and dining experiences change every couple of months. Visit the website to find out about current and future exhibitions and your chance to become a part of the art.

Zagreus Projekt
Koch Kunst Galerie & Catering Brunnenstraße 9a 10119 Berlin

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