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Bathe in Wine at this Japanese Spa Theme Park

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Bathe in Wine at this Japanese Spa Theme Park
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Wine lovers rejoice: those weird dreams you had about swimming in a vat of wine after consuming an ill-advised second bottle have come true. A Japanese spa allows visitors to bathe in the stuff.

The Yunessun Spa Resort, 100km to the southwest of Tokyo, styles itself as a “spa theme park,” where visitors can bath in hot tubs full of red wine, under the guise of “vinotherapy,” which dates back to ancient Egypt and supposedly has anti-ageing properties, while, as the Evening Standard reports, drinking from a 12-foot wine bottle “perched poolside.”

The “onsen” Japanese spa is powered by natural hot springs and also has coffee, sake, and green tea hot tubs, as well as one dedicated to ramen (or you could run your own ramen bath at home). The wine pool is only open 12 days a year though so plan well and you could be up to your eyeballs in vin rouge.


It looks like the perfect place to relax after gorging yourself on Tokyo’s culinary delights for several days.

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