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5 Breakfast Destinations in Paris

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5 Breakfast Destinations in Paris

There's nothing quite like a good breakfast to start the day, and fortunately a number of Parisian cafes now share that same philosophy.

Here are five places for a Parisian morning, where the old adage, "eat like a king" is respected to the letter.

1. Eggs Done Many Ways at Holybelly 

Located just a few meters from Bob's Juice, HolyBelly opened in Lucien Sampaix street in 2013. The coffee shop with a Scandinavian ambience offers a range of coffees, including blends from Brûlerie Belleville, as well as hearty breakfasts prepared with seasonal ingredients.

You can opt for a number of items from a changing menu including black rice pudding cooked in coconut milk and served with vanilla yogurt and seasonal fruit, delicious home-made pancakes topped with whipped cream, maple syrup and fruit or the savory option; with scrambled eggs and bacon. The cafe also specializes in eggs served in many ways - poached, fried, scrambled along with mushrooms, sausages, etc. - and at any time of day.

Where? HolyBelly, 19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 10e arrondissement

2. A Rustic Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (The Daily Bread)

Le Pain Quotidien was a chain born from the passion of a Belgian baker, and remains a quality address. The signature rustic interior boasts large communal tables, slate and brick walls - while the kitchen offers excellent traditional breakfasts, consisting of a hot drink, a fresh orange juice, slices of farmhouse style bread and baguette, an organic croissant and a boiled egg. The house also serves a great granola, porridge with banana, cold cuts, cheese and generous Liège waffles.

Where? Various Locations - Find Le Pain Quotidien nearest to you here.

3. The all New L'Institut de Bonté 

L'Institut de Bonté (The Institute of Goodness) is a new cafe, which opened at the end of 2015 near the Saint-Martin canal. And all we can say is that the breakfast provided is one of the most lavish in the capital. The hotel offers a buffet of slices of organic bread, jams and honey. You will also get a creamy white cheese which you can eat with the muesli, dried fruit or oatmeal. On the set menu, L'Institut de Bonté also offers a hot drink and a freshly squeezed juice.

Where L'Institut de Bonté, 84 quai de Jemmapes, 10e arrondissement.

4. The Copious "Breakfast" at Frenchie to Go 

Frenchie to Go is the temple of the sandwich. But what the Parisians might not be aware of is that the cafe also prepares excellent breakfasts based on scones and English muffins, as well as eggs Benedict or florentine, muesli, granola and even delicious carrot cakes or the cake du jour. All washed down with good coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Where? Frenchie To Go, 9 rue du Nil, 2e arrondissement.

5. Breakfast in Nature at Folks and Sparrows 

Large wooden tables, colorful tiled floors, stone walls and fresh flowers around the room ... it's easy to understand why this is the trendy coffee shop in the 11th arrondissement. Opened in San Sebastian street in 2014, the place offers delicious coffee, a wide selection of teas, juices and homemade lemonade. Decadent treats include indulgent soft chocolate chip cookie, muffins with wild blueberries and matcha tea cake, popular trends in recent months.

Where? Folks and Sparrows, 14 rue Saint-Sébastien.

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