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Still Life by Dominique Bollinger

23 July, 2016
Two squashes and bone

Photo Dominique Bollinger

What encouraged you to combine elements that, although very different, are always very balanced?
Art is made of contrasts, oppositions, and you need to play with these features and balance all elements to get uniformity. It's so exciting! For example to shoot the roughness of bone and a smooth pumpkin.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to take a food picture you want to share with us?
There are thousands of ways to take a food picture. I think the main goal is to make want people to eat the product, and the light, form, and color will contribute to this.

Any new exhibitions where we can enjoy your photographic work?
My work can be seen in the Orcia Fine Art Photography Gallery in San Quirico d'Orcia, (Siena), Tuscany.

Talking about your personal relationship with food, what is the first taste you remember, and why?
My mother's creations: she cooked delicious choux au fromage (cheese cream puff), tarte au chocolat (chocolate tarte) and purée de marrons (chestnut purée).

If you close your eyes and think of fine dining, what comes to mind?
Being French, and from Lyon, fine dining for me is Paul Bocuse and Les Troisgros!

Il Polpo 1996 ©Luigi Gattinara

Tasty 'Snapshots on Canvas' by Luigi Castelli Gattinara

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