S.Pellegrino's 'Destination Dining' Restaurant Swap Returns

03 September, 2021
S.Pellegrino's 'Destination Dining' Series is Back

In exchange, chef Kalika created a kibbeh nayyeh recipe for Bernstein to recreate and serve at La Trova. 

August 20 – 27

In the second swap, chef Nando and Valerie Chang of Itamae (Miami) created the 'Tiradito Rosa' for Mario Castrellón to serve at Maito (Panama). 

Castrellón created the 'Pulpo al Coco' for chefs Chang to recreate at Itamae.

August 27 – September 3

Renzo Garibaldi created the 'squash gnocchi' that is served now at Toscana Divino (Miami).

Chef Andrea Marchesin created the beef and beet tartare that is now being served at Osso (Peru).

September 3 – 10

Chef Diego Oka of La Mar (Miami) created the recipe for Tiradito Bachiche, to be served by chef Manu Bufarra at Manu (Brazil).

Manu Buffara, of Manu (Brazil), created the cauliflower dish that has been served by chef Diego Oka of La Mar (Miami). 

September 2021

TBC - Chicago & James Beard Award-winning chefs.


October 2021

TBC - New York & Los Angeles, Part II.


How To Get Your City Involved:

If you're not based in the participating cities, don't worry, you won't miss out on the action for long. S.Pellegrino plans to expand Destination Dining in other U.S. cities in the future, and we plan to bring you the recipes at Fine Dining Lovers, so even if you can't take part, you can still taste.

You can also tell S.Pellegrino which cities you want to swap next on Instagram @sanpellegrino_us and Twitter @sanpellegrino - using the hashtags #SupportRestaurants and #SPDestinationDining.


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