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Luigi Taglienti: "Talent is a Gift that Takes Someone Else to Recognise"

28 July, 2021
Chef Luigi Taglienti

What is talent, in your opinion, and how does it manifest itself in the kitchen?

Talent is a gift that you don't know you have. It takes the right people and the right paths to understand it.

One day Christian Sinicropi told me “you will become a great cook”. He discovered my sensitivity in the kitchen. For me, it was a great day and since that day I have never stopped working hard to prove to myself that maybe one day I can become a great cook.

After these two difficult years, how do you imagine the world of gastronomy will evolve?

I hoped that these two years would have calmed selfishness, instead I see that there is a great run-up to recover what has been lost.

The economy will restart slowly, people will want simplicity, concreteness, speed, safety.

All in all, however, there remains a moment where interesting opportunities can arise. Supply and demand are looking for new balances

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