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Gregory Czarnecki: "Creativity and Consistency are the Keys to Success"

20 May, 2021
Gregory Czarnecki
Paul Prinsloo is one of the twelve S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2021 finalists. Discover the full recipe of his Signature Dish, Bouillabaisse 2.0. 

You will be a mentor for Paul Thinus Prinsloo, how you will challenge him?

My job is to make sure of his consistency and timing as well as fine-tuning the dish. So we will be doing and redoing the dish until I'm happy with the result. Even the most insignificant details can make a difference on the day, so I will be here to remind him. We need to prepare ourselves for anything on the day. Keep his head clear but most of all let him have fun, enjoy this crazy opportunity and cook with his heart. That is what matters at this level of the competition.

What advice would you give to yourself as a younger chef?

Creativity and consistency are the keys to success. Keep your head down and keep competing.

How do you think the culinary world is evolving?

In general, there is more consciousness in the hospitality industry, chefs are making a real effort to educate the younger generation to be sustainable, reduce their waste and energy resources. Loads of them go back to basics. In the old days there was real sense behind menus and their conception in the kitchen, and you slowly see that everybody is going back to those basics. I think it's a great thing and it makes me nostalgic for my younger days as an apprentice. Chefs and owners also work hard to try to make the kitchen and front of house a better environment for work.

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