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Bocuse d'Or Europe 2020: Day One Highlights

15 October, 2020
Chefs cooking at Bocuse d'Or 2020 Europe

This year's 'theme on a platter' showcased great creativity from each country, with very different interpretations of seven whole, boned Estonian quails, and three garnishes. The Netherlands presented giant quail eggs, Spain a modern-art style platter complete with silver painted quail's legs, and reigning world champion Denmark presented a beautiful and delicate patisserie-like platter. Meanwhile, Georgia struggled with timing on their debut appearance, but their meat platter sculpture was still a respectable first entry.

An extensive international tasting jury of 16 chefs, fronted by Dimitri Demjanov from Gloria (EE), Clare Smyth from Core (UK), and Philip Tessier (US), were at the ready to taste the succession of stunning dishes when time was called in each kitchen. Speaking as a newcomer to the competition, Smyth said: "To get to taste the food is phenomenal, every detail on every plate is exceptional, there’s so much to take in. There’s an extreme amount of work for every little detail and we as judges need to give that justice."

None of the jury are allowed to comment on day one, however, although Tessier revealed that it's "quite close" between a few of the teams at this point. It's still unknown which, if any, of the countries from today will make the podium. 

A moment of silence was held for Finnish chef, and tasting jury member Matti Jämsen, who sadly passed away last night. The chef was originally scheduled to participate in the event as president of the Finnish team, but fell ill on Monday and did not travel to Tallinn.   

Bocuse d'Or Europe 2020: Day One Highlights

Day Two...

Day two sees Latvia, Hungary, Finland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and reigning champion Norway go head-to-head in the kitchen.

Watch the live stream and stay tuned to Fine Dining Lovers to find out who will win the 2020 European title.

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