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How To Cut A Carrot | Julienne Carrots

How To Cut A Carrot | Julienne Carrots

13 June, 2012
How To Cut A Carrot | Julienne Carrots

An exclusive lesson to learn how to use knives like a pro: in this video we'll learn how to make a julienne cut and how to cut a carrot.

For this cut you will need a pairing knife. You will also use a vegetable peeler and chef knife. Begin by slicing off the root and cut off the narrow end of the carrot. Now, using the vegetable peeler, gently peel the skin.

Now you will switch to a chef knife. First, cut your carrot into pieces that are about 2 inches long. Square off the carrot by trimming off the sides. Now carefully cut the carrot into long slices being careful to keep your fingers curled under for safety. Finally, stack two or three slices and cut them very thinly. You will end up with thin slices that look like matchsticks.