Fish Fillet: How To Fillet A Fish

Fish Fillet: How To Fillet A Fish

July 18, 2012
Fish Fillet: How To Fillet A Fish

An exclusive video lesson to learn how to use knives while preparing some seafood: in this video, made with Alma Italian culinary school, we'll learn how to fillet a fish.

For this task you will need a set of kitchen shears, a fish filleting knife and fish scaler.
Begin by using the shears to cut the fins of the fish. Hold the fish firmly in one hand as you carefully cut all of the fins from the top, bottom and sides of the fish. Now, using your fish scaler begin to scale the fish from the bottom up. Use an up and down motion on the entire surface of the fish. Turn the fish around to make sure you have removed all of the scales. This is a messy process that you can perform in a sink full of water. After scaling, reach for your fish filleting knife. Lay the fish down flat and make an incision along the abdomen. Then use the shears to cut the gills. Now, gut the fish using your hand and discard the innards in a container. Make sure you clean under the gills and remove the entrails.

For this step you will use a fish filleting knife. Lay the fish down flat and make a deep cut under the gills. Repeat on the other side. Now grab the head of the fish and twist off. If needed, use the shears to cut through it. Lay the fish down and begin cutting through the middle. Work carefully and cut along the bones. Use your shears to cut the tough parts. With the fish laying skin side down, glide the knife under the bones. Follow the vertebrae while cutting. Again, use your shears to cut the tough parts. Finish by using the knife to cut through the tail of the fish. You will be left with two pieces of fish.

Using the fish filleting knife, carefully cut around the bone located next to the thinnest part of the fish. You will be left with an even fish fillet. Now, use fish tweezers to pick out any remaining bones. Feel the fish with your fingers so you can spot the bones. Be sure to remove them all.

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