Points of View

Ashley Palmer Watts
Ashley Palmer-Watts: From Chef to Caffeine Head
Find out what happens when a three-Michelin-starred chef turns his hand to speciality coffee.
Matias Perdomo
Food and Futurism: Contraste get Ready to ROC Milan
The three brains behind one of Milan's foremost modern fine-dining restaurants, Contraste, are gearing up for life after lockdown. Read the full Q&A with Matias Perdomo here.
Katina Connaughton
Farming, Dreaming and Talking Turnips: 24 Hours with SingleThread’s Katina Connaughton
Head farmer, Katina Connaughton, describes a day in her life spent between the farm, restaurant, home and with her chef husband, in the heart of wine country. Take a look.
E10: The Most Remote Michelin-Star Restaurant in The World
Restaurant Koks is a two-Michelin-star restaurant in the Faroe Islands, a rocky archipelago in the North Atlantic. There chef Poul Andrias Ziska, himself Faroese, is crafting an avant-garde take on the local cuisine, using centuries-old techniques, as well as those picked up working at some of the world's best restaurants. It's made Koks one of the most coveted destination restaurants on the planet. But for a restaurant that relies predominantly on tourists, the pandemic has hit especially hard.
Kitchen podcasts
Food Podcasts to Keep you Company in the Kitchen
A roundup of food-themed podcasts to keep you company in the kitchen.
The Digest Ep E The Dark Side of The White Truffle
E3: The Dark Side of the White Truffle
In Alba, Piedmont in Italy’s northwest, there is a tradition stretching back centuries of the truffle hunt. Today the Alba white truffle is sought after all over the world, fetching high prices at auction and served in the world’s fine finest restaurants.

There is a dark side to the Alba white truffle however. Intense competition among hunters has seen the practice of targeting dogs, laying out poison for dogs to eat, resulting in agonising slow deaths. The truffle’s natural habitat is under threat from the increased cultivation of wine and hazelnuts and the forest is disappearing.

Fine Dining Lovers ventured into the Alba forest before first light, guided by Trifolau, to unearth the stories behind this quasi-mystical tradition and its little-known dark underbelly.
Thomas Troisgros
E5: “A Dining Dynasty” Thomas Troisgros
What's it like to grow up in the biggest culinary family in the world? Thomas Troisgros is the fourth generation of the world-famous Troisgros family. In this emotional podcast, he tells the story of growing up with Paul Bocuse as an uncle, the recent loss of his grandfather - who he describes as his Jedi kitchen master - and finding his own way in the world of gastronomy. This is a story about inheriting history and all the pressure and privilege that comes with it.
Fine Dining Lovers Podcast The Digest A love story
E2: A Love Story Reviewed
A humorous tale of the highs and lows of modern dating in an age when apps decide everything for us: from the restaurants we visit, to the people we eat with. A doomed love story, critically reviewed. "Love = two out of five stars, but the sushi was divine."