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Food Podcasts to Keep you Company in the Kitchen
A roundup of food-themed podcasts to keep you company in the kitchen.
Bob Kramer
E8: "Circus to Steel" Bob Kramer
Bob Kramer is America’s foremost knife maker and master bladesmith. His bespoke chefs’ knives go for as much as $50,000 at auction and he famously forged a knife for Anthony Bourdain, which became one of the chef’s most treasured possessions.

But how did Kramer become such an accomplished craftsman? It all started back in school, where as a dyslexic student, he struggled with traditional learning. He found solace in the woodshop and making things with his hands. Then, when he left school, Kramer stumbled upon a call for auditions for the circus. Somehow he found himself traveling America as a clown. It taught him much about how to live differently, about craft and continuous improvement. Traits that are forged into the knives he now creates.
The Digest Ep 4: Yankee Goes Gumbo
E4: Yankee Goes Gumbo
This is a look at history, society, culture and tradition all through the eyes of a dish. A dish loved and adopted, nurtured and developed by generations. A dish with different timelines, different things added to the pot, but a dish that distinctly defines its area.

Grashina Gabelmann is writer and editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine. Her explorations and work around the world led to a natural affinity with the city of New Orleans, where she met Alec, an adopted son of the Big Easy and a self-taught, passionate expert of its defining dish, gumbo. Alec told her about gumbo, his love affair with the dish, and why he always takes his roux right to the edge.
The Digest Ep E The Dark Side of The White Truffle
E3: The Dark Side of the White Truffle
In Alba, Piedmont in Italy’s northwest, there is a tradition stretching back centuries of the truffle hunt. Today the Alba white truffle is sought after all over the world, fetching high prices at auction and served in the world’s fine finest restaurants.

There is a dark side to the Alba white truffle however. Intense competition among hunters has seen the practice of targeting dogs, laying out poison for dogs to eat, resulting in agonising slow deaths. The truffle’s natural habitat is under threat from the increased cultivation of wine and hazelnuts and the forest is disappearing.

Fine Dining Lovers ventured into the Alba forest before first light, guided by Trifolau, to unearth the stories behind this quasi-mystical tradition and its little-known dark underbelly.
The Myth of Italian Coffee Primary tabs
The Myth of Italian Coffee
Is Italian coffee all it's cracked up to be? From the boiling hot cups of Naples, to Starbucks in Milan, to the humble moka home-brew, we asked an Italian food writer and coffee-lover to investigate.
Escoffier - Harold Villarosa
Why Escoffier's Brigade System Has To Go
Escoffier's kitchen brigade system has served a purpose, but for 21st-century chefs, surely there's a better way, says chef Harold Villarosa.
Meetin in a soup kitchen
Why Your Next Business Meeting Should be in a Soup Kitchen.
Chef and entrepreneur Harold Villarosa didn't care much for soup kitchens, but a trip to Refettorio Gastromotiva in Brazil changed his mind. Now he says you should hold your next business meeting in a soup kitchen.