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American Food

Chicken breast, blue cheese, vegetables and fruit with creamy cider dressing: an easy Cobb salad recipe by chef Mayet Cristobal, from the Getty Museum restaurant.
See Inside The Unofficial Simpsons Cookbook
The Simpsons has become something of a cult over the years
Andre Mack
FDL+ André Mack: "I Get Mail from People in Jail About Ham"
Read about sommelier and winemaker André Hueston Mack's passion for American ham, and his determination to put the oft-overlooked ingredient on the world map.
This recipe is by chef Greg Baxtrom's mother Patti Ann. The chef recently opened a restaurant named after her in Brooklyn, 
Yes, We Can! The Alaskan Company Transforming Tinned Seafood
Tinned geoduck and pink 'singing' scallops, anyone? Discover how an old-school Alaskan cannery is bringing unique seafood products to the internet.
Communion Restaurant Team
Seattle’s Central District Smells of Soul Food Again
Naomi Tomky explores how intentional development has brought back black-owned businesses - and sumptuous soul food - to Seattle's Central District. Read on.
Hand holding American cheese
In Defence of American Cheese
When compared with their European counterparts, American cheeses haven't always received the praise they deserve - until now. Big cheese Paul Feinstein takes up the case in favour of American cheese.
Barbecue or BBQ? FDL Grills Burt Bakman
Is it BBQ or barbecue? High temp or low? Seasoned meat or straight? Where do you start with equipment and cuts? Master of meat, SLAB's Burt Bakman has the answers.
Follow this quick and easy recipe to making the perfect edible cookie dough at home for your friends or family with Fine Dining Lovers' tips.
The Best Outdoor Dining in Los Angeles
Surprisingly for some, Los Angeles isn't known for its al fresco dining scene, but that's all changing. Thanks to coronavirus restrictions, LA restaurants have been getting creative in upping their outdoor dining game. Here are some of the best.