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Tacos being served at a table

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Tacos Dorados by Santiago Lastra

Try this recipe for tacos dorados by chef Santiago Lastra, from the award-winning restaurant KOL, in London. 

Why not transform Christmas leftovers into a lively and delicious Mexican meal? These are like Mexican flautas (flutes), but deep-fried, allowing a crispy layer on the outside with moist meat in the filling. Taco dorado is a traditional Mexican taco made of corn tortillas, usually filled with potatoes, chicken and chorizo, then deep-fried until nicely golden. This version uses turkey meat, and a rich and flavourful salsa is created using turkey stock, cranberry sauce and chilies to spice things up.

15 December, 2022
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For the Tacos
White corn tortillas
From the day before, 3 tortillas per person
Oil for frying
270g, pullled, preferably leg
60, small wooden ones, as small as possible
For the Salsa
Cranberry jelly
Chicken stock
Use a 50/50 proportion of stock to cranberry sauce
4 pcs, arbol chilli with seeds but without stem
8 pcs, pasilla chili with seeds but without stem
For the Garnish
Cabbage leaves
300g, finely-sliced pointed
Red cabbage
250g, pickled
18 pcs, (optional)
Crème fraîche

Step 01

Heat the oil to 190C. Pass the tortillas through the oil for a few seconds, just to get them flexible, and reserve in a tray with absorbing paper.

Step 02

Deep-fry the peanuts and chillies until they are golden and blend into the cranberry sauce — if it is too thick you can adjust the consistency with fresh cranberry juice until you have a thick double-cream (reserve room temperature).

Step 03

Lay the tortillas that you fried in advance on a clean surface, and fill with the finely-pulled turkey. Roll and use a toothpick to help fasten it down, making sure that the filling is secure.

Step 04

Deep-fry the rolls until golden brown (about 4 minutes). Take the tacos out of the oil into a tray with a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Serve the tacos with all the garnishes on top and the salsa on the side.


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