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Side Recipes

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Do you ever get cravings for a specific entree? You’ve just been thinking about that specific thing all day and can’t wait to get home and cook it? But then you realize that you’re supposed to be eating healthy, and part of a healthy meal is to have some nice side dishes to make it more nutritionally complete. That’s what adulting is, right? So now you have to think about what you should make to go on the side of that dish you’ve been craving for days.

In this article, we’re going to share some recipes for easy side dishes with you. These are really our favorites, the best of the best, and we’re excited to share them with you. From delicious sauces to special potato-based delights to a Tex-Mex classic, we’ve got a bunch of ideas to help you round out your next meal and put a smile on your faces.

Currywurst sauce

Currywurst is unfamiliar to many Americans, but it really shouldn’t be. Currywurst is a street food originating in Berlin, Germany, and it’s something that really showcases Berlin’s multicultural past. It takes something distinctly German, in this case, an ordinary bratwurst, and then it combines it with something that is distinctly exotic and foreign (you guessed it! That’s the curry part).

So essentially, a currywurst is a deep fried bratwurst drowned in a special curry and ketchup sauce. The curry sauce used to be a closely guarded trade secret between Berlin’s many currywurst vendors, but over time, the secret got out. Now you get to benefit.

It turns out it’s not that complicated. Currywurst sauce is basically fancy ketchup—just add a few additions like onions and curry powder to your regular ketchup to get this delicious German sauce. Check out how to make currywurst sauce at home.

Chili with cheese and sour cream

Chili is something that all Americans know about. It’s the epitome of Tex-Mex, a stew-like soup inspired equally by Mexican food and barbecue. There are more ways to cook chili than just about any other dish, but we’ve really got a great one here. Our chili recipe combines the deliciousness of juicy ground beef with the nutrition and earthy flavor of perfectly cooked kidney beans, all wrapped up in the punchy kick of good chili powder and cumin.

Making chili is great for a weekend during the winter. You can use almost exclusively canned or nonperishable ingredients, and it benefits from a long cooking time, so you will warm your house up while you cook. What’s even better is that the spiciness of the chili will also work to warm you up! If you’re sensitive, be careful when adding the cayenne pepper, as it might turn out quite spicy. Check out our best homemade chili con carne recipe here.

Another great benefit to chili is its extreme customizability. Don’t like beans? Leave them out. Don’t eat meat? There are tons of easy vegetarian chili recipes out there. Chili is also customized by the various things you serve it with. Fan favorites are cheese (usually people use cheddar), sour cream, cilantro, chopped onions… the list goes on. Even fritos have been known to make an appearance. Truly, the world is your rocky mountain oyster.

Bubble and squeak - a British classic

Tired of American food? Then check out the most popular British side dish since bangers and mash, the enigmatically-named bubble and squeak. No one really knows why it’s called that, but that’s not important. What’s important is that it’s delicious—and surprisingly healthy!

Bubble and squeak is the name given to the combination of fried mashed potatoes and cabbage. The mashed potatoes are mixed with shredded cabbage and then fried without moving them, allowing the potatoes to get crusty and golden brown. It’s basically a giant corned beef hash, only vegetarian and with potato and cabbage.

Vegetable carpaccio

Now for something light: vegetable carpaccio. Carpaccio is usually made from thinly sliced beef or tuna marinated and served raw. The biggest problem with that is just that… it’s raw meat, and some people are uncomfortable with that, either because they don’t eat meat at all, or maybe just because they prefer to have their food be totally cooked before they eat it. Their loss, as far as we’re concerned. But anyway, those people don’t need to fear. Our vegetable carpaccio takes a similar approach to the meaty one, but much more vegetarian friendly. Lightly cooked vegetables are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and served cold as a delicious Italian-style side or appetizer.

Side dishes are for everyone

Everyone loves side dishes, and it’s easy to see why. Side dishes are the best way to add variety and nutritional substance to your meals. Check out these side dish recipes for your next dinner party, picnic, or potluck!

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