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Ying and Yang rice and beans

Ying and Yang rice and beans

A vegan recipe, made with rice and beans, and prepared by the Italian chef Mario Gagliardi: the dish was prepared during 'The Vegetarian Chance' contetst.

04 July, 2014
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

1 HR 0 MIN


Black rice
90 g
100 g, from the Borbera valley
Vegetable stock
400 ml
Tamari sauce
50 ml
30 g, creamy
100 g
83 g


For the cream
Blend the hazelnuts by adding a small quantity of water at a time, until the resulting mixture becomes creamy.

For the cream of beans
Cook the beans in the previously prepared vegetable stock until they become creamy in consistency.

For the rice
Boil the rice for 25’ in water and then put it in a pan with a drop of oil, gradually adding the stock so that it continues to cook for a further 15’.

Stir in the hazelnut cream prepared beforehand.

How to serve
Arrange the cream of beans in a plate in the shape of the yang symbol and complete the opposite side with the creamed rice; create a hole in the cream of beans and fill it with tamari sauce that has been slightly thickened; finally position the ball of creamy tofu on the black rice to complete the symbol of ying and yang.

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