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Irish Cream Coffee

Irish Cream Coffee

An easy recipe for Irish cream coffee, an alcoholic drink prepared with coffee and whisky, topped off with a soft cream.

27 February, 2015
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Dietary Consideration

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total time

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Whipped cream
80 ml
120 ml
Brown sugar
8 tsp
4 cups, strong, hot


1. Lightly whip the cream - it should not be stiff.

2. Lightly heat the whiskey, but do not let it boil.

3. Stir in the brown sugar, stirring until dissolved, and pour into heat-resistant glasses.

4. Fill the glasses just over half-full with hot coffee.

5. Slowly add the lightly whipped cream by pouring it over the back of a spoon.

6. Decorate the glasses with a sugared rim if you wish.

7. To do this, whisk 1 egg white and put it on a shallow plate.

8. Put a little sugar on another plate.

9. Dip the rim of each glass first in the egg white and then in the sugar.

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