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Bocuse D'Or Europe is Coming

Bocuse D'Or Europe is Coming
10-11 May, 2016

Bocuse D'Or Europe is Coming

The European selection of Bocuse D'Or will take place in Budapest May 10-11, 2016 with 20 chefs from across Europe, competing for 11 places.

Budapest is ramping up to hold the European selection of the prestigious Bocuse D'Or chef competition which will unfold between the 10th and 11th May 2016 in Hungary's capital city as part of the Sirha Trade Show.

The S.Pellegrino sponsored event will pit the culinary skills of twenty chefs, from twenty countries, against each other, with only eleven going through to the grand finale.

Each candidate will bring a commis chef with them and have the opportunity to showcase their talent in open kitchens in front of a prestigious jury and enthusiastic audience. Work techniques, respect for the products, taste of course, but also optimization of ingredients use will be among the criteria for the jury to select the finalists. 

This year's prestigious chefs that will preside over the new jury include the President of the Bocuse d'Or Europe, Zoltan Hamvas, President of the Jury, Serge Vieira and Honorary President Rasmus Kofoed. Residing in Hungary, France and Denmark respectively, the trio hold 6 Michelin stars between them and have either been winners or active participants in past editions.

Selected winners will be awarded a place at the Bocuse D'Or World Culinary Contest final to be held in Lyon, France, January 24-26, 2017.

See the full chef line-up plus restaurants and all the judges who will be tasting their food below.

The Chef Contestants:

Austria - Kevin MICHELI, Einstein St.GallenHotel Congress Spa
Germany - Marvin BÖHM, Restaurant Aqua***, Wolfsburg
Belgium - Peter AESAERT, Belgocatering
Bulgaria - Antonio IVANOV, Restaurant Pure
Croatia - Tomislav KARAMARKO, FMTG group Borik d.d., Falkensteiner
Denmark - Morten FALK, Kadeau*
Spain - Juan Manuel SALGADO, Restaurant La Plassohla
Estonia - Dmitri ROOZ, Restaurant Farm
Finland - Eero VOTTONEN, Restaurant Olo*
France - Laurent LEMAL, Domaine Riberach* – Restaurant La Coopérative
Hungary - Tamas SZELL, Onyx*
Iceland - Viktor Örn ANDRÉSSON, Grillid / Radisson sas
Italy - Marco ACQUAROLI, Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues
Norway - Christopher William DAVIDSEN, SØSTRENE KARLSEN
Netherlands - Jan SMINK, Librije***
United Kingdom - Anthony WRIGHT, University College Birmingham
Russia - Arthur OVCHINNIKOV, Restaurant Enzo
Sweden - Alexander SJÖGREN, Freelance
Switzerland - Filipe FONSECA PINHEIRO, Restaurant Hôtel de Ville Crissier
Turkey - Mutlu SEVKET YILMAZ, Seasons Restaurant

Tasting Jury:

AUSTRIA - Rudolf Obauer, Restaurant-Hotel Obauer, Werfen
BELGIUM - Peter Goossens, Hof Van Cleve***, Kruishoutem
BULGARIA - Andre Tokev, Restaurant Andre, Sofia
CROATIA - Damir Crleni, Hotel Turist***, Varaždin
DENMARK - Francis Cardenau, Umami Le Sommelier, TBD
ESTONIA - Dimitri Demjanov- Restaurant Gloria / Culinary Institute of Estonia, Tallinn
FINLAND - Pekka Terävä, Restaurant Olo*, Helsinki
FRANCE - François Adamski, Chef exécutif de L'Imaginaire, Terrasson
GERMANY - Patrik Jaros, FOODLOOK Studio GbmH, Köln
HUNGARY - Szullo Szabina, Onyx*, Budapest
ICELAND - Sturla Birgirsson, Borg Restaurarn, Reykjavík
ITALY - Giancarlo Perbellini, Casa Perbellini, Vérone
NETHERLANDS - Jonnie Boer, De Librije***, Zwolle
NORWAY - Lars-Erik Underthun, Feinschmecker, Oslo
RUSSIA - Sergey Eroshenko, Chestnaya Kuhnya Restaurant, Moscou
SPAIN - Adolfo Muñoz, Restaurante Adolfo,Tolède
SWEDEN - Henrik Norström, Lux Dag för Dag, Stockholm
SWITZERLAND - Armin Fuchs, École professionnelle de Bienne
TURKEY - Rudolf G.P.M Van Nunen, Rudolf Restaurant, Istanbul
UNITED KINGDOM - Brian Turner, Bognor Regis*, West Sussex

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Bocuse D'Or Europe is Coming

10-11 May, 2016
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