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Spinning the Spuds and Throwing Down Some Awesome Beets

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Spinning the Spuds and Throwing Down Some Awesome Beets
Photo Matthew Herbert

Ever wondered what vegetables could sound like given a voice?

It's not as far fetched as it sounds. That's exactly what Matthew Herbert had in mind spinning discs made out of slices of potato, celeriac and aubergine using DJ turntables and a speaker system to amplify the sounds of everyday food.

As Matthew Herbert explains to the VinylFactory: “All the great moments in analogue recording studio history have come from people saying, ‘what happens if I do this?'”

The thought-provoking performance, Edible Records,  was conducted in collaboration with the Science Gallery London for part of their exhibition on the Future of Food .

The idea being that seeing everday foods form a different perspective can cast new light on how we consider food.  And of course, in the interest of reducing food waste, the audience were invited to eat the records afterwards.

We'll leave you to come up with Herbert's DJ he is spinning the spuds:

Herbert's edible tortilla record that started the interest in spining foods in place of vinyl:

via foodiggity, thevinylfactory

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